I proclaimed myself a feminist in junior high…

I don’t know why, but I have always had curiosity about feminism. Since I was little, I felt something was wrong. Something was wrong in the way the world treated women. But the women who surrounded me looked quite happy or “used” to the idea of being what they were supposed to be. They were so convinced that they must do what they were socially told to do, that they didn’t dare to speak out. I grew up seeing how women were “supposed to be, seeing how women in my family treated men almost like babies. I never agreed with those ideas, and that caused—and still causes me—a lot of trouble.

Years later, while wandering around the feminist aisle of the ibero library, I found a book that completely caught my attention: The Economics of Gender. I took it out and started reading it. It was my sophomore year, so I couldn’t understand the whole thing, but I knew that in the future I was going to go back to it, and I did.
I also found out a brand new branch of economics: a feminist economics. I found journals, papers, books, universities, and institutes devoted to the topic. I found commitment to the cause. I found out that women have been and are working to improve the lives of other women and minorities often forgotten by mainstream ideologies. I realized I wanted to be part of that movement. That is why I chose to write about feminist economics. I want people know that as both women and economists we have a lot to offer to improve the world.

International Association For Feminist Economics,Institute for Women’s Policy ,Women and the Economy



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