At Last!!


The fan went on a on… from one side to the other, flying papers and drawings posted in the wall of her white little office. She was staring at the paper trying to read, but sentences didn’t even have sense any more. She was thinking of something (someone?) else. Waiting, as she had been doing for the last months…

Each time steps were heard down the aisle, she looked anxiously to the door, hoping…
I don’t know what she could possibly be waiting for… if she always knew it wouldn’t arrive…(happen?) She knew, and pretended of course, some kind of silly-holy miracle would change their paths. At the end of the day it seems like nothing happened at all, that no one changed, that no one even tried. The sun was fading in the sky once again and her heart was biting soooo hard, tainted with an unbearable melancholy, when all of a sudden, she realized It was over. It was over!! (was the end what she was unconsciously waiting for??)

She grinned. Closed her book and went out… freeing herself,
At Last!!!

(And of course, something happened…lots of things happened and more are yet to come… )

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  1. Prismatico dice:

    wooow me impresiona tu Ingles, perfect, by the way I am still waiting your link , come on be kind and nice with me please!! regards from the bottom of my heart!!! I invite you to my blogroll!!!

  2. kaluz dice:

    ahí estás!!! bien linkeado!
    dice mático!…
    buuuu que no te fijaste!
    un abrazo desde metepec


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