One day trip to New York City!

As everyone knows I work at IWPR. I got here last July. I moved all the way from Mexico to take a position as a research assistant in the heart of downtown DC. I didn’t know anybody or anything, but things worked out well. My supervisor is Dr. Vicky Lovell, a bright and organized mind that is slowly ordering my mind as well… (A difficult task)
I get to do many things in my work, from boring tasks such as answering phones, making copies and archiving stuff to the exciting data analysis…yes! I love making tables, and as simple as it sounds, sometimes making tables can be a great challenge; especially after breaking down and weighting the sample.
One of my first assignments (my first challenge) was to work with the Rockefeller Foundation American Workers Survey. The survey was conducted by Yankelovich Inc. to sense to what extent Americans feel economic insecurity…and we where responsible for analyzing these valuable data trough gender lens. We needed to find out what women in different groups where feeling. We wanted to know for example how where African Americans and Hispanics doing, depending on another set of characteristics like education, class, and employment status. [Technical note: My most valuable assets to work on all this breakdowns were the tabout stata command and foreach loops. btw, Tabout is a must, for anyone in the table-doing business].
My tables shown what we where expecting to find. Women feel more economic insecurity than men and minority women are far more vulnerable than any other group; and surprisingly high-income women also share some of the same vulnerabilities and concerns. Many people reported not saving enough for retirement (what a surprise, I’m not saving enough either…) but for me, one of the most striking figure reveals that 12 percent of mothers, compared to 6 percent of fathers could not afford to take a child to the doctor or that 7 percent of women went hungry because they didn’t have enough money to put food in their tables!!
The report was finalized a couple of months ago and released last Thursday in New York City… (Here is where the post title comes in!) And I went on a one-day trip to NYC for the press conference.Awesome trip!!! First I love traveling anywhere, second I love IWPR events and third I love NYC. I took the train from Union Station to Penn Station and walked from there to the Rockefeller Foundation Office (needless to say in the 5th Avenue) no extra time for sightseeing… but enough time to enjoy the skyscrapers and never-ending buzz of the big apple. The press conference went well too… big media outlets probably quoting Vicky! (way to go boss!), delicious unhealthy food that I didn’t eat and interesting discussions where Heidi shone!
I think the report definitely is worth reading, besides this is the first publication where I appear as a co-author, (yay!) I’m very grateful for that. Also, many thanks for all the people that helped me along the way while doing these tables.

Click here to download it… and enjoy! All comments welcomed.



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