Three Bags Full

Originally written in german, this detective story will hook you up from its first pages. With a plot light enough that can be enjoyed as a metro read, the story unfolds as a philosophical observation of human beings analyzed through sheep eyes.

After discovering that their shepherd, George, was murdered ruthlessly, this flock of exceptional sheep decides to find the murder themselves. Using skills taught by fairy tales and Pamela novels, (trashy novels that George used to read them aloud), the sheep embarks in one of the must exciting unraveling journeys of all Glennkill, finding out not only one but a chain of mysteries buried in time.

With an unexpected end, the flock led by Ms. Maple, overcome their fears and finally make real their shepherd dream of traveling throughout Europe (an enormous meadow with red apple threes).

This is a perfect book to enjoy this summer…this book will keep you awake (or at least it will keep you munching about it) until you find out who killed George and why s/he used a spade.



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