It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I posted the last time. Summer is almost over and winter is again around the corner. (FYI, fall here is like winter in Mexico, and actual winter, well, is unknown to Mexicans). Not many things have happened in my life. I mostly swim with the flow, or at least try to do it. Work has been a little rough lately, I felt as a complete cranky outlier, but things are settling now and I’m grateful to have such a fulfilling job at these times of crisis, plus, they gave me an office with a window and one of the projects I’m currently working on is pretty interesting.

Even with a small salary as mine, I managed to save up enough money to travel to Italy and Spain last May. I met my sister in Milan and stayed in her apartment for a couple of days and then we shipped together to Verona, Rome, Barcelona and Venice (yes, in that order).I had been to Italy before, but I have way more fun this time, specially because I was on a road trip tour last time and I had to stick with the crowd and we didn’t stayed long enough in each city. New to my memory archive of nice places is the Roman Forum and the inner walls of the Colosseum, Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, Verona and Barcelona. We know have plenty of stories that all travelers have, such as tiny packed hostels, flight delays, the day we almost lose our train in Venice, the time when we ate too much gelato and our bellies couldn’t possibly have more pizza, the night we couldn’t find our hostel… and many many photographs thanks to the heavy NIKON my sister has. Every place had it’s own charm but Barcelona was by far my favorite, in some ways reminding me of Mexico City.

After my European vacation I went back home to visit my parents and some friends in Metepec and Mexico City. Food is always delicious when I’m there and it always feels as if I never left, it seems that the tremendous gap between me and those who stayed disappears, that time hasn’t gone by, that we might see each other again next week if we workout our busy schedules. And then, I feel  DC nostalgic and I want to go back to what is now home for me. I took my little sister with me on my way back to DC (not the one in Italy, but the little one, the one in Mexico). We used every evening to eat on fancy restaurants and traveled to Boston and New York city two weekends in a row. Yes, my wallet ended up really tired. Humberto and Estefi sight saw Boston while I attended the 18th conference of the international association of feminist economists and we all toured NYC from sunrise to sunset.

 When Estefi returned to Mexico I re-adapted to the DC  life, the office and yoga classes and the ymca. After enjoying cotidianidad for a while a new chapter of my life is about to begin, well, many chapters, but this particular one is about officially becoming a grad student by pursuing a MA on public policy and women studies at George Washington University. Classes start next week! This week I had an orientation too meet my cohort, school facilities and I already bought all my books and geekly enough start reading them. I was already juggling to balance work and life, not that I actually have major family responsibilities but I still had to cook. Now I’ll probably need to squeeze out every single drop of organization to meet all my school and work deadlines and still be able to complete basic tasks such as having fun, eating and exercising. So I’ll write more about that and other beginnings next time, because today is such a beautiful late summer day I don’t want to miss the sun to plunge in the pool for a little while.

P.S. I’ll blog in English more often, since being a grad student involves turning in essays weekly and I want my brain to be ready to write! plus is fun



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