Berry picking

Today I went to pick fresh berries and other fruits and vegetables to a farm in Maryland with my friend Alle. It seems like a strange way to spend a Sunday morning, but it was pretty fun. We talked endlessly in our way there and our way back (it is one hour drive from NE DC) and we got plenty of produce for the next couple of weeks. I’m planning to make a blackberry sauce/jam to pour on to a delicious cream cheese gelatin and quiches. I got 10 pounds of apples! some leeks, peaches, tomatoes, corn and of course blackberries, picking our berries took us a couple of hours.  Many blackberries were not ripen yet, so we had to got into the bushes to find the better ones, I wasn’t as courageous as Alle, since I was afraid of wasps. After our picking adventure, we went to have lunch at Bus Boys and Poets and ate a delicious chilli and falafel. She dropped me at my place and we juiced some of the many apples I now have.

My friend usually picks pounds and pounds of berries over the summer and freeze them for the winter, ans she has been doing that for various summers.  It sounds like the ant and criket tale… The tradition came from having really harsh winters and is now winding down because we can find  almost every fruit at any season at our nearest super market/grocery store.

I had such a nice sunday :)



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